DISC Management Virtual Certification

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DISC Management Virtual Certification

What is a DISC Management Virtual Certification

Our DISC Management Virtual Certification combines one-to-one coaching with independent learning activities.

The DISC Management Virtual Certification process empowers trainers, coaches, and consultants to:

DISC Management Virtual Certification Participants will receive

DISC Management Virtual Certification Schedule

Everything DiSC Pre-Work

  • Prior to the first call, you will complete and print your Everything DiSC Management Profile.  We will also ship your Everything DiSC Management Facilitation System to you before your first call.

First Everything DiSC Management Coaching Call

  • Learn about the DiSC Model and Everything DiSC Management Map
  • Explore the priorities that drive your management style and how your priorities influence what you enjoy about managing and what drains your energy.
  • Discuss tailoring the Everything DiSC Management Profile
  • Overview of the Everything DiSC Management Facilitation Materials
  • Review Everything DiSC Research Reports

Second Everything DiSC Management Coaching Call

  • Explore the influence your management style has on how you manage time, make decisions and approach problems
  • Learn people reading skills to recognize other DiSC Styles

Third Everything DiSC Management Coaching Call

  • Identify the Directing and Delegating needs of different people
  • Creating motivational environments for others
  • Identify the development preferences of each style
  • Getting buy-in and improving how you can work with your manager

Fourth Everything DiSC Management Coaching Call

  • Creating and applying the Everything DiSC Comparison Report, the Everything DiSC Group Culture Report and the Everything DiSC Facilitator Report

Fifth Everything DiSC Management Coaching Call

  • Creating a customized presentation for your organization
  • Conduct a Teach Back of the DiSC Model


Zitzloff Training Resources Provides Ongoing Support to DISC Management Virtual Certificatios Participants

  • We will follow up after your DISC Management Certification to ensure your success
  • We offer additional DiSC Phone Coaching sessions to take your DiSC learning to a new level


DISC Management Virtual Certification Price:   $2,495./Person

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with our DISC Management Virtual Certification, we will refund 100% of your tuition less the cost of the Everything DiSC Management Facilitation System materials you received.


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