We are committed to finding and providing excellent resources, expertise, products, and services to partner with you to develop a customized map of winning strategies and tactics that address your specific development needs, timelines and budgets. Our goal is to create respect based organizational cultures where employees LOVE to come to work and give their best.      We are committed to finding solutions that will result in increased productivity and improved results for your organization. Our Promise to you includes the following.

Employee Development. We are committed to partnering with you to develop your largest investment asset (your employees) into successful STAR Performers.

S – Strengths. Providing a systematic approach to identify and capitalize on each person’s key strengths and unique contributions.

T – Team Players. Fostering an environment of trust where true collaboration can take place. Maximizing performance by having the right people doing the right task at the right time.

A – Attitudes. People work for one of two reasons: Because they want to or because they have to. When are they more cooperative and productive? We understand this and help you create more ‘want to’ in your workforce. This increased job satisfaction leads to employee retention.

R – Respect. To tap into the richness of the diversity of your workforce, an environment that understands, values, and respects each person’s contribution must be fostered and nurtured. Employees give their best when they feel recognized for their competence and appreciated for their contributions.

Training Resources. We are committed to offering you only the best training resources and continuing to align ourselves with only the best Business Partners and Experts. Many of our training products have been approved for CEU and college credits, which makes it possible for you to pay for training through tuition reimbursement funds rather than training budgets AND enjoy certain tax benefits in the process. Ask us about this!!!

Delivery Options. We are committed to offer appropriate training and coaching so your organization can continue to maintain our models and learning without us. The control is in your hands. You choose the most appropriate approach.

  • A ZTR staff member can train your employees.
  • A ZTR staff member can conduct an in-house Train-the-Trainer in your organization.
  • Your internal training staff can attend a public Train-the-Trainer seminar session to prepare themselves to train your employees.
  • Your internal training staff can experience a virtual Train-the-Trainer session to prepare themselves to train your employees.
  • You can purchase scripted Leader Guide training manuals, participant workbooks, online courses, and assessments.
  • Or take a blended approach and use any combination of the above!

Customer Service. We are committed to providing excellent customer service where ‘The Customer is King or Queen.’ We are committed to building long-term respectful client relationships and performing with integrity, as we offer a variety of excellent training, coaching, printed and web based resources at a fair price.